What we do

Here at et al we see our task as giving our clients not only what they wanted, but in many instances what they never knew they wanted.

The history of et al, together with it's track record of work, whether it be identity, the design of business collateral or digital communications, demonstrates that as a design consultancy, we have the expertise and the understanding to produce both creative and practical solutions to the design and communications needs of a wide range of business sectors.

Every designer at et al shares a common philosophy, the pursuit of excellence and the goal of success, qualities shared with clients. We know too that creative, informed and unconventional thinking will yield the best returns. But as persuasive as our design solutions are, they are born of painstaking practical considerations. Whatever et al produces is mindful of business realism, flexibility and steadfastness in the face of budgets and deadlines.

Our on-going portfolio of work both traditional and digital transcends multiple sectors including: Brewing, Central Government, Not for profit, Digital Communications, Education, Fashion, Financial services, Food packaging, Internet ecommerce, Local Government, Law, Management Consultants, Professional Services, Property development, Publishing and Retail.