Who we are

At the heart of our work is our passion for
design, the business of design and an uncompromising determination to maintain the highest of standards for all of our clients, large and small.

We are a small, heavyweight graphic design consultancy, with a rich history of award-winning work in Corporate, Brand Identity, Corporate Branding, Websites, Design for print, Packaging, Book design, Graphics.

From offices in London and Oxford we create distinctive and efficient brand communication solutions for clients. How? By getting under their skin, removing the myth and mystery of the design process and replacing it with a good deal of straightforward common sense. Our offer to clients is based around a core of gifted designers, each with a wealth of experience in branding and design communication, proven achievement and the ability to offer their clients value. We remain small by choice, tightly run and thus able to establish and consolidate the direct and close relationships with clients that are necessary for the delivery of successful results.

Phil Cleaver
Phil Cleaver, (Principal). Sees things differently. That has singled him out since graduating from the Central School of Art & Design. His talent ensured that early days at Pentagram and Wolff Olins dropped him straight into the deep end working for clients 3i, Bestobell, Yellow Pages, and Mitchell Cotts.
¶ Allied International designers recruited Phil as creative Director where he designed and implemented corporate and brandidentities for global clients, Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Bank Duta of Indonesia, Ionian bank of Greece, Alstrom Corporation and TSB Bank.
¶ Phil then established his own company, Cleaver Landor. Its renown and success led to such rapid growth that Phil found himself increasingly paper pushing and decreasingly pencil pushing, so….he set up et al, a tight knit consortium of design professionals whose aim was to provide highly creative, but equally focused, intelligent design solutions. And that’s what he’s achieved, a harmonious balance between the bigger corporate clients like Royal Mail, Visa (worldwide) and the more individual needs of enterprises like The Type Museum, Ingleby Gallery, Hidden Art and Phaidon.
¶ Phil is a fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, a founding trustee of The Monotype Museum, a board member of the International Type Academy and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He lectures on corporate and brand identity and typography.

Phil Evans
Phil Evans, (Principal). Since graduating has created an eclectic mix of design solutions for a broad range of client sectors.
¶ Firstly, working for Design Systems, evolving the BBC identity for Wales,
exhibitions for the Welsh Arts Council, and the identities of the Welsh National Opera and the Bristol Old Vic. Then moving to London where he worked for Turner Wilkes Dandridge with responsibility for corporate design programmes on behalf of ‘blue chip’ clients including Barclays Bank International, Baring Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Standard Life.
¶ Phil was then offered the position of Associate Creative Director with Allen Beresford and Partners working to develop and enhance the brands of the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Opera Company, the English Tourist Board, Olivetti, Marks and Spencer and the Health Education Council.
¶ Invited by Fitch & Co to lead a creative team as Associate director he worked on a diverse range of projects within the corporate and retail sectors. He joined Jim Allen as partner to grow and develop the Team, from a small niche creative business to a fifty strong consultancy working with clients in the private and public sectors, such as, Ideal Standard, BT, Mercury Communications, Cable & Wireless, Microsoft, BP, the Post Office, Apple, EMI, Shelter, Comic Relief, NHS, HMS Customs, the Home Office, Volvo, Skandia, Tesco, Boots and English Heritage. Phil lectures on the subjects of Graphic Design, Branding and Identity.

Karen Billingham
Karen Billingham, (Principal). Further to graduating, began her design career with Conran Associates and then Saunders Design, developing the design branding of WH Smith’s numerous product lines.
¶ Karen joined Phil Cleaver as an Associate, working with him on the design and implementation of identities for Alba (Spain), BNI Bank (Indonesia), Cardiff City Council, Bristol Development Corporation, the Engineering Industry Training Board, Optimum Health Trust and the Housing Corporation.
¶ Now as a principal of et al Karen continues to lead large project identities across a range of sectors. Karen also lectures on the subject of Graphic Design.









All the work shown has been conceived and drawn by members and collaborators of et al. There is no intention to infringe on any company's own copyright. The images displayed here are purely to show examples of the work we have created. This is within our terms of business as creators of the work and we retain copyright agreement to display our creative prowess.
The designers of the work shown here are:
Sandy Belford, Alice Belgrove, Emily Berry, Karen Billingham, Rosanna Bianchini, David Brodie, Cid Carr, James Cartledge, Siok Teng Chan, Phil Cleaver, Kate Coombes, Paddy Cramsie, Justin Davies, Claire Eastwell, Phil Evans, Tracey Garnham, Bill Goodenough, Ian Hatton, Sharon Holmes, Jan Staël von Holstein, Alison Kirk, Eichii Kono, Malavika Limaye, Tim Moore, Aurobind Patel, Jennifer Penny, Mark Phillips, Tony Radcliffe, Sue Smallwood, John Spencer, Kate Stapleton, Werner Strauli, Simon Tait, Vyv Thomas, Jim Thompson, Kim Tran, Emma Try, Henrietta Vincent, Rick Ward, Nicholas Warner.
The illustrators and photographers whose work is shown are:
Tony Brien, Diana Chamberlain, Carlos Diniz, Tony Evans, Jeff Fisher, Brian Grimwood, Karem Ibrahim, Trevor Key, Stewart McKay, Alan Newman, Patrick Shanaham, Howard Shaw, John Stone, Jill Tame, Tessa Traegar, Simon Wheeler, as well as work supplied by Hulton Deutsch.
Artists whose work is shown are:
Andy Goldsworthy, Inigo Jones, David Mach, John Meadows, Cornelia Parker, Elizabeth Price, Richard Wentworthy.