At the heart of our work is our passion for design, the business of design and an uncompromising determination to maintain the highest of standards for all of our clients, large and small.

We are a small, heavyweight graphic design consultancy, with a rich history of award-winning work in Corporate, Brand Identity, Corporate Branding, Websites, Design for print, Packaging, Book design, Graphics. From offices in London and Oxford we create distinctive and efficient brand communication solutions for clients.

By getting under their skin, removing the myth and mystery of the design process and replacing it with a good deal of straightforward common sense. Our offer to clients is based around a core of gifted designers, each with a wealth of experience in branding and design communication, proven achievement and the ability to offer their clients value.

We remain small by choice, tightly run and thus able to establish and consolidate the direct and close relationships with clients that are necessary for the delivery of successful results.
Phil Cleaver
Phil Cleaver is an award-winning graphic designer, author and artist whose personality was formed in the labyrinthine city of London, under the influence of (among other things) Punk, the Far East and some of the design industries most prominent and influential leaders. Protégé of Anthony Froshaug, following Kitchen and Niverson, Phil honed his design and typographic skills under Alan Fletcher at Pentagram in 1977, Wim Crouwel at TD in Holland, and Michael Wolff at Wolff Olins. His time is split between running et al design consultants, a specialist branding agency having created over 130 brands including rebranding Visa world-wide, Phil is known for drawing the Visa logotype, and being Professor in the Creative Industries for Middlesex University, London. Phil is also a visiting Professor of Typography at Birmingham City University, he also holds two Adjunct Professorships in Malaysia and three visiting Professorships in China and is a Fellow of Hereford College of Arts. He lectures worldwide on creativity and design, and his early typographical work is archived in St Bride’s Printing Library. His book design is in the permanent collection of the V&A Museum’s National Art Library.
Angel Wong
Angel Wong is a graphic designer who believes learning through travels and experiences is more valuable than theory, 
she allowed her surroundings to shape her communicative skills, allowing her to give character and life to her creative ideas. Having practiced in both the United Kingdom and Malaysia, she had a great opportunity to exhibit her photography artwork in London in 2014. In 2015 she had her first joint art photography exhibition with Prof. Phil Cleaver at USM, Penang. Some of her branding projects also have been featured on Behance Graphic Design Served, and also published on Top Graphic Design Series 3 – BRAND by Hightone Publishing. In addition to these achievements, Angel Wong has been shortlisted for several awards including the 2015 BBDP Awards under Photographic Books categorised in the United Kingdom for designing a book cover for Unseen Waterloo: A Conflict Revisited as well as the 2016 BBDP Awards for Best British Book categorised in the United Kingdom for her art piece featured in ‘Delete A &Insert R’. She was invited as an artist to feature in the Typewriter Art Exhibition in Malaysia in 2017. After moving back to her home country, she had the great opportunity to collaborate with The Royal Press for a letterpress printing preservation project where she got the chance to experience and learn about type fundamentals in depth. Moving back home also led Angel to start up AWE (AWEtal) in Malaysia majoring in branding design where she has worked on projects such as rebranding Alliance Bank. Angel Wong’s drive and creativity has made her a strong asset to et al.  
Jennifer Penny
With experience as a highly skilled graphic designer for over 15 years at et al, Jennifer Penny specialises in typesetting and is sought after for her expertise in Photoshop. She has completed design work for the likes of the V&A, Thames & Hudson, The Book Collector (started by Ian Fleming) and a collaboration between Peter Blake & Macallan. Jennifer possesses an abundance of knowledge within a wide range of skills, including her background in animation, illustration and has done the photography for many projects and events. Her diverse skillset has enabled her to become an accomplished, multi-talented designer and an integral part of et al. Her positive approach day to day have made her role invaluable.

We have had the pleasure and privilege to work alongside all these extremely skilful designers, photographers and artists:
Martin Ashcroft, Lynee Baggett, Sandy Belford, Alice Belgrove, Emily Berry, Rosanna Bianchini, Karen Billingham, Tony Brien, David Brodie, Netta Carey,
Cid Carr, James Cartledge, Diana Chamberlain, Siok Teng Chan, Phil Cleaver, Alexander Conway, Kate Coombes, Paddy Cramsie, Justin Davies, Carlos Diniz,
Elildh Doig, Claire Eastwell, Phil Evans, Tony Evans, Emma Fisher, Jeff Fisher, George Gallagher, Tracey Garnham, Andy Goldsworthy, Bill Goodenough,
Brian Grimwood, Alan Halliday, Lauren Hamshaw, Ian Hatton, Sharon Holmes, Jan Staël von Holstein, Yihong Huang, Jasmira Husna, Karem Ibrahim, Adrian Jones,
Inigo Jones, Trevor Key, Kay Kim, Alison Kirk, Eichii Kono, Chien-Tzu Kung, Malavika Limaye, David Mach, Stewart McKay, John Meadows, Lauren Millwaters,
Tim Moore, Rémi Mortimer, Charles Mozley, Alan Newman, Cornelia Parker, Aurobind Patel, Jennifer Penny, Mark Phillips, Elizabeth Price, Tony Radcliffe,
Lee Seungkyu, Patrick Shanaham, Howard Shaw, Sue Shaw, Sue Smallwood, John Spencer, Kate Stapleton, Werner Strauli, John Stone, Zhouyan Sun, Yasmin Sung,
Tessa Traegar, Simon Tait, Jill Tame, Vyv Thomas, Jim Thompson, Kim Tran, Emma Try, Henrietta Vincent, Rick Ward, Nicholas Warner, Michael Warren, Richard Wentworthy, Simon Wheeler and Lai Meng Wong.